I became familiar with the pen and paper early on in my life.

My love affair with words began with short fiction stories I wrote as a child on an almost daily basis. By the time I came to university, it was evident that writing would be at the centre of my career.

Coming into the third year of my Journalism degree, I have already worked with a broad range of journalistic genres and across multimedia platforms. What inspired my choice of degree was a passion for writing, particularly lifestyle magazine feature writing and production and writing for online. My experience at the University of Westminster reaffirmed this passion and laid the foundation of a professional focus and career direction.

Academic assignments included producing a dummy magazine, extensive feature and long-form writing and multimedia storytelling.

My work sought to develop and expand on lifestyle writing, as I have completed features on topics such as self-empowerment, food and dieting, relationships and communication, interviews, film reviews and travel and opinion editorial pieces.

My media consumption is strongly based around lifestyle news and issues and I have gained confidence in dealing with and writing on topics of food, travel, fashion, music, cinema and entertainment.

The goal is to gain editorial work experience at lifestyle magazine publications, hopefully leading to a career, and the dream is to continue writing and building a distinctive voice in the industry.

I’ve always had standards about writing well. There is art in this business. There is potentially great art.
Gay Talese